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About Gig Breaker


    Gig Breaker is a music promotions company located in the United States. Our endeavor started as a simple idea and has now grown into something really unique.  We represent over a hundred musicians from 19 countries all over the globe. We are bringing appreciation and awareness to musicians and helping them"Be Discovered" by more fans.  


    This website is used by music lovers and music industry professionals everywhere.  We offer various products and services. FREE Gig Pages, Music Streaming powered by Gig Traxx, Gig Shops, Music and more.  Join us and see how your free Gig Page can bring you more exposure and help you be discovered.  Currently, we have over 100 artists and musicians involved in the Gig Breaker program.  Our professional, promotional and entertainment services are fresh concepts in the music industry and are welcomed by many.  Musicians in more than 20 countries across the globe are using our services and products.


   It's not just artists and musicians using this website but also music lovers. Fans of music also find our services convenient and engaging. Visitors can explore this website and discover new artists and musicians. Our Music Streaming helps visitors discover new artists to follow and support using Gig Traxx. 

   We offer various products and services. Gig Pages are always free for artists and musicians. Think of Gig Pages as an electronic resume page to the world. A musicians most vital information is accessible on one page, including photos, videos and links to your other music websites.

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