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About Gig Breaker

Gig Breaker is a music promotions company located in the United States.  Our endeavor started as a simple idea and has now grown into something really unique.  We represent over a hundred musicians from 16 countries all over the world.  We are bringing appreciation and awareness to musicians that are just beginning to get themselves out there.  We offer various products and services: Gig Pages, Gig Shops, Gig Bio Blasts, Venue Info, Photography Services, Video Production Services, Member Finder and more.  Join us and see how your free Gig Page can bring you a lot of exposure and help you be discovered.  The image below is an example of a Gig Page.  Sign up and get started today! 

Gig Pages

Example: Gig Page 

Gig Page - Sign Up 

The more information, photos, videos, and links to your other music websites provides us with the proper tools to promte you.  We use your "Gig Page" so we don't have to go and search the internet to track your information and media.


Making An Attractive Gig Page

  • Provide Numerous Photos and Update Often
  • Provide Numerous Videos and Update Often
  • Compose A Detailed Biography
  • Update Contact Information As Needed
  • Like Us on Facebook so we can follow you
  • Follow Us on Twitter @gigbreaker
  • Subscribe to Gig Breaker TV 

Gig Shops

Finish off your Gig Page with your own "Gig Shop".  Gig Shops are available to everyone.  Those with Gig Pages can turn it on or off, to either appear or not appear as part of their actual Gig Page.  They also appear here (Gig Shops) for browsing and for those without a Gig Page. 

You don't need to have a Gig Page to have a Gig Shop.  Gig Shops are for anyone selling their merchandise (Music Related). Sell CD's, Downloadable Music Files, Clothing and other apparel or anything assocoiated with your music business. Have a guitar business? create a Gig Shop. Have a recording studio? create a Gig Shop. Have a graphic art business, create a Gig Shop. Gig Shops are store fronts on to make your merchandise or service more discoverable.... and they are free.

Gig Shop - Sign Up

Gig Bio Blasts

Our most recent product is "Gig Bio Blasts"  Flood your Gig Page with an abundance of media and info to have it be distinct and stand out.  That detail allows us to produce an awesome Gig Bio Blast for you to own.  It also serves as a nice little video to use in your EPK (Electronic Press Kit).   

Gig Bio Blasts are 1:00 video promos that are produced by Gig Breaker.  

Once completed we upload the promos to our Facebook, Twitter and GigBreaker.TV

Use them to announce a new album, merchandise, website or whatever you need to have promoted.  It's a unique way to promote in one minute!


Fees do apply for Gig Bio Blasts. 

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