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Gig Traxx are all about helping musicians be discovered and tracked online.  These colorful web pages help connect fans to new musicians.  They display a musicians most important information in a compact, beautiful, professional customizable web page.   The popular Spotify music streaming service is one powerful resource available with Gig Traxx.    Gig Traxx also highlight a musicians social media sites, gig page, photos, album art and more.  There are also options to have links to iTunes, Amazon or a  direct link anywhere else that  can help support the artist.  If an artist doesn't have a Spotify account they can upload a featured song to Gig Breaker instead.

Browse the list of genres and discover new musicians, listen to their music.  Support them by purchasing their music, visit their social media sites to learn even more about them.   Share their Gig Traxx web page with others on your social media and help them be discovered!

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