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Gig Shops consolidate links to other places on the web to increase exposure, music sales & merch sales


1 of 2 Styles to choose from

Gig Shop 1 Box - 1 Large Photo & 1 Link To Merchandise.

Gig Shop 4 Box - 4 Photos With 4 Links To Merchandise.

Gig Breaker services and promotions help artists and musicians "Be Discovered".  We are always thinking of new and fresh ideas that can bring attention to artists and musicians.  Gig Shops are another unique tool devoted to capturing the attention of an audience through merchandising. Gig Shops are professional storefront web pages on that blend your products, music, other related merchandise, social media connections along with artist and musician biographical information.  There are NO FEES on merchandise that is sold just an annual fee for hosting.


   All Gig Shops include the following

  • Artist or Musician Name

  • City, State, Country

  • Profile Picture

  • Choice Of 1 High Quality HD Animated Background (Choose From 12)

  • Choice Of 4 Social Media Contacts With Direct Links (Choose from 12)

  • Biographical Area To Describe Product(s) Or Artist, Musician

Visitors and music fans browsing Gig Shops on this website can link to music or to other related merchandise that an artist or musician is selling on their outside website(s). Gig Shops consolidate links to other places on the web and increase traffic, exposure and SALES.  If you don't have a Gig Shop get started and sign up below. 


Gig Shop (Live Example)

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