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Gig Breaker helps artists and musicians "Be Discovered".  We are a music promotions company located in the United States.  Our endeavor started as a simple idea and has now grown into something really unique.  We represent over a hundred musicians from 19 countries all over the globe.  We are bringing appreciation and awareness to musicians that want to get themselves out there to new fans and industry professionals.  


We offer various products and services: Free Gig Pages, Gig Shops, Music Streaming powered by Gig Traxx, Photography Services, Video Production Services, Music Video Hosting with Gig Breaker TV  and more.  Join us and see how your free Gig Page can bring you a lot of exposure and help you be discovered.  Get started with one of our services today!  Click on one of the big buttons below to get started.

Spread your social media pages all across the web on one Gig Traxx page.  You can choose from 11 different social media sites, 12 player skins, 12 moving backgrounds and Spotify. Gig Traxx also link to our Music Streaming Services for even more exposure.  Link your email for contacts and more.  Our  pages are high quality and graphically intense which attracts viewers.

Gig Traxx Example.png

Gig Shops offer an easy starting point for all. Begin selling your music, merchandise and other products for sale to new fans. Add up to 4 social media and 4 products. Choose from 12 moving backgrounds.  Gig Shops were constructed to make browsing for new music and merchandise simple and enjoyable.  Visitors will never be re-directed to any other web page that they did not want to visit.  Visitors will appreciate our non-confusing, straight forward, non-cluttered approach.

Gig Breaker TV is an Ad-Free Music Video Service available to all musicians.  Our sole purpose is to bring music fans in contact with you and help you be discovered. By signing up here your video will be listed on the genres page. of your choosing.  Gig Breaker TV was designed with musicians and fans in mind, it's an old fashioned concept, just Music Videos!  It costs only $3.59 to host your video, that is less than 1 cent a day, pretty small pennies for web promotion.

Gig Pages are always free.  They are available to all musicians that would like to have one.


All of the following can be added

  • up to 8 social media links 

  • Biography

  • Contact Info

  • Personal Website

  • 20 Pictures

  • 20 videos

 Gig Breaker has musicians in 19 Countries
















South Africa



United States

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