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  Please take some time and explore the above examples.  Click on the image and see how Gig Traxx function in full screen, LIVE mode.   Also visit our music streaming service to get a feel for how that works.  Having a Gig Traxx page automatically adds one song of choice to our Music Streaming Service on  Music Streaming powered by Gig Traxx is a full listing of all artists that sign up with a Gig Traxx page. This is based on genre & separated into playlists.  Another unique feature only available with a Gig Traxx web page.

  Gig Breaker will then promote the new Gig Traxx web page on our Social Media Sites.  Currently, we have thousands of followers & we promote musicians very regularly to our growing audience using our Gig-Boost™

  Copy and paste Gig Traxx links all over the web!  Use it to help promote musicians or bands. There are 12 Music Player Skins to choose from, 12 moving backgrounds, and 12 social media sites to pick from as well.  Click on the examples below and view the moving backgrounds available.

   Gig Breaker helps artists and musicians "Be Discovered".  We are always thinking of fresh ideas that can bring attention to musicians on Gig Breaker.  Gig Traxx is a unique, personal web page devoted to capturing an audience's attention through music and social media.  Let's explore how Gig Traxx can help musicians gain more visitors and social media followers and also help sell their music.  


   Gig Traxx was designed with a simple vision, keep it simple for visitors.  There are many music websites out there that offer all kinds of bells and whistles for musicians that can become overwhelming to them and visitors. We want to bring attention to the musician without distractions, unclear website data and other links that send visitors somewhere else that is unrelated.  


   Here is how we Keep It Simple!  Each Gig Traxx page focuses front and center on the musician and their music. Gig Traxx display their most important information while linking visitors to the rest of their web pages like Soundcloud, Reverbnation and others. Gig Traxx was designed to help musicians be discovered and tracked online.  These colorful web pages connect and display a musicians most important information in a compact, beautiful, professional customizable web page.  


   The popular Spotify music streaming service is a powerful resource available with Gig Traxx.  Gig Traxx also highlight a musicians social media sites, gig page, and more.  There are also options to have links to iTunes, Amazon or any direct link that can help an artist sell their music without any fees.  If an artist doesn't have a Spotify account they can upload a featured song to Gig Breaker instead.

Background Examples - Pick 1

Music Player Skin Examples - Pick 1

Player 1.png
Player 1
Player 7.png
Skin 7
Player 2.png
Player 2
Player 8.png
Skin 8
Player 3.png
Player 3
Player 9.png
Skin 9
Player 4.png
Player 4
Player 5.png
Skin 5
Player 6.png
Skin 6
Player 10.png
Skin 10
Player 11.png
Skin 11
Player 12.png
Skin 12

Social Media Links - Pick 5

Please understand that we DO NOT give your music away.  We do provide links for you to sell your music. All sales revenue is yours.  We only provide a music player that streams your music and provides links for visitors to purchase your music.  Fans and other visitors may share your music on some social media and other websites using this music player.

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