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By hitting the "continue" button you take full responsibility for all copyrights associated with ALL Photos and/or images you may upload to the corresponding  form on the next  page. Visitors may share your album on social media sites that will link to your web page on Gig Breaker. You also agree to our "Privacy and Terms" and you understand how your Photographs will be used and accessed on your new "Photography Services" Web Page. 

Original Photos CAN NOT be downloaded from your Photographers Web Page on Gig Breaker Music. They are copyright protected © from download capabilities.  We CAN NOT guarantee that visitors will not find other ways to gain access to you images, such as screen grabs etc.  This is something you need to be mindful of because of the ever changing technology advancements. We do not take any responsibility in regards to your photographs being shared or "Screen Grabbed". Again, photos CAN NOT be downloaded or distributed in the uploaded original size, quality etc. from this website. If you are uncomfortable or unclear about this statement please do not hit the "Continue" button.

10 Photo Portfolio Example Below

Each page must have 1 photo and up to 10 total in the portfolio.  Portfolios offer visitors a quick glimpse of your work at high resolution while protecting the image from being downloaded from the page by displaying © and not allowing downloads. Each Portfolio will be displayed just like the example below.

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